The Bulldog Cookies

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Le chien mange le cookie… The Bulldog Cookies is a well-balanced sativa hybrid with all the characteristics of a classic cookie strain and plenty of unique features that make it one of the rarest phenotypes in the TB Seeds collection.

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The Bulldog Cookies

Le chien mange le cookie… The Bulldog Cookies is a well-balanced sativa hybrid with all the characteristics of a classic cookie strain and plenty of unique features that make it one of the rarest phenotypes in the TB Seeds collection.

The Bulldog Cookies: Heritage

TBC is a proud member of the cookie family of cannabis strains. Cookie cannabis seeds are some of the most sought-after. In their short existence, cannabis strains, such as Girl Scout Cookies and Thin Mint Cookies, have made a name for winning awards and spawning countless hybrids. Their history is relatively well known.

The background of The Bulldog Cookies, however, is not common knowledge. As a member of the cookie family, we know that it’s USA genetics, but finding this cookie strain was as much luck as it was skill. Experimenting with US genetics at the time, breeders stumbled upon this gem of a cannabis strain, realising they had discovered a diamond in the dirt. As soon as TB Seeds breeders saw the amount of resin this plant produces, they knew we had a keeper. They were impressed by the range of colours the plant displayed, the density of the buds, and the copious amounts of crystals.


The appearance of The Bulldog Cookies had our growers dribbling from the moment they laid eyes on the cookie hybrid. It could be the best thing about the plant. A prime phenotype has a variety of colours, from light orange hairs to crystal white resin on the flowers to dark purples, greens, and black on the leaves. The Bulldog Cookies is a unique plant in many ways. Foremost, it is a beautiful cannabis plant.


The Bulldog Cookies are easy plants to grow, and although primarily sativa cannabis strains tend to grow tall, this one is a short plant. The plants will reach heights between 125cm – 135cm. Despite the short stature of these plants, they still harvest an impressive yield, with dried weights of 350grs – 450grs of perfectly dense frosted cookies.


This is the perfect strain for socialising or getting you over that creative hump. The sativa nature of this cannabis hybrid hits you with a burst of motivation and creativity that takes you through the day. It’s a perfect daytime smoke and ideal if you’re in the mood to giggle with some friends or in from a movie. The Bulldog Cookies deliver a clear and powerful high balanced by the relaxing nature of the indica genetics.

The Bulldog Cookies
36per 3 seeds
The taste of The Bulldog Cookies takes this cannabis hybrid to another level
  • Feminized
  • Height 120cm - 130cm
  • Hybrid
  • Yield 350gr - 450gr
  • Cookies
  • Creamy
  • Sweet
  • Kushy
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

The Bulldog Cookies: Taste and Aroma

The taste of The Bulldog Cookies takes this cannabis hybrid to another level. Wave after wave, your taste buds surf through a sea of different flavours. It starts with a sweet, pleasant taste of cookies and cream, evolving with gassy tones and notes of Kush. Once you’ve tasted TBC, you’ll be in no doubt that it is one of the best cookie strains out there.

If The Bulldog Cookies looks after the pallet, it doesn’t neglect the nostrils. Once consumed, this strain omits a relaxing rose mint scent with earthy overtones and hints of tea.

The taste will vary depending on how long you cure the flowers. The longer your flowers are properly cured before consumption. The more prevalent the flavour of the classic cookie will be.


Growing The Bulldog Cookies is quite simple. You don’t need to go heavy on nutrients to get top-quality flowers. It flowers faster than most sativa hybrids on average in 9 – 10 weeks, and because of the indica influence on this plant, it is short (125cm – 130cm) and won’t take up much space wherever you decide to cultivate it. If you live in a warm climate with a stable spring and long summer, you can grow this indica strain outdoors, but for best results, you should cultivate it indoors or in a greenhouse.

The Bulldog Cookies: TB Seeds

TB Seeds is the home of The Bulldog Cookies. It is one of the best cookie strains on the market, and we’re howling at the moon with joy.

Cookies cannabis seeds have played an important role in recent cannabis history. TB Seeds wanted to ensure we had a cookie phenotype in the TB Seeds collection that would excite growers. The Bulldog Cookies is that.

The Bulldog Cookies is an ideal plant for growers at any level of experience. Whether a complete novice or a green-fingered pro, this sativa hybrid will not disappoint you. It is easy to maintain and manage and never fails to deliver something unique.

TB Seeds grew its legend. This is the time for you to grow your own legend!

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    4 reviews for The Bulldog Cookies

    • Rick

      December 8, 2023 at 2:38 pm

      5 out of 5

      A flavorful delight, The Bulldog Cookies offers a potent high with a perfect balance of sweetness. Ideal for those seeking a relaxing yet uplifting experience


    • Rick

      December 8, 2023 at 2:39 pm

      5 out of 5

      Amazing strain and terpene profile!!


    • Jeroen.

      February 1, 2024 at 3:23 pm

      5 out of 5

      Exelent strain,grows slow at start but gets brought in the process.
      The plants have a wide trunk and strong side branches with short nodes.
      I’m really impressed by the strong looking growth of the plants.
      All seeds germinated within 48 hours.
      These are one of the strongest looking plants I have ever grown. 5 stars!


    • Claude Pouche

      February 1, 2024 at 5:22 pm

      5 out of 5

      Plants are growing strong and healthy ,big strong bushes of Bulldog Cookies,very nice to see and grow of course 😊 🙏


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