GROWN NATURALLYRegular Cannabis Seeds


When male and female cannabis plants naturally pollinate (reproduce), cannabis plants produce Regular cannabis seeds. Grown naturally and cannabis seeds produce a 50/50 mix of male and female cannabis plants. Male plants grow little sacs that fill with pollen, and female plants develop buds that grow into flowers with more complex terpene and cannabinoid profiles rich in cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

MALE & FEMALENaturally pollinate

Female plants become pollinated when the pollen from the male plant is flicked or blown on the female flowers. Pollination occurs naturally in the wild. It can also happen under artificial growing conditions and through human interference. Unless growers are breeding cannabis seeds, they remove any male plants to prevent the female plants from being pollinated. Removing male cannabis plants is relatively quick and should leave growers with healthy female cannabis plants.

Regular seeds are perfect for experienced growers looking for a unique phenotype, those looking to try breeding cannabis seeds for the first time, or those who what to preserve cannabis genetics. Growers can take the time to look for the best plants and make clones to keep for future grows or expanding current ones.

TB Seeds

TB Seeds has spent years collecting Regular cannabis genetics. We are proud and excited to use our knowledge and expertise to bring you certified authentic cannabis strains that are genuine classics. TB Seeds has selected one of the most significant cannabis strains and made them available to TB Seeds growers and collectors in Regular form.

Check out TB Seeds Regular.

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