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There is a tasty pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. Sometimes, cannabis strains live up to their hype, and that’s the case with this auto hybrid. TB Skittlez Auto is the sweetest auto-flowering cannabis hybrid in the TB Seeds collection.

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TB Skittlez Auto

There is a tasty pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Sometimes, cannabis strains live up to their hype, and that’s the case with this auto hybrid. TB Skittlez Auto is the sweetest auto-flowering cannabis hybrid in the TB Seeds collection. It comes with an abundance of mouth-watering flavours and displays a vast array of colours, and there is an unforgettable sweetness to this cannabis strain that gives this hybrid its name.

A well-balanced indica auto flower TB Skittlez takes pride in place in the TB Seeds collection and is one of our best-selling auto flowers. Growers love it, we love it, and we think you’ll love it too.

Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with this tasty cannabis hybrid.


The heritage of this plant is not complex. It is an American Skittlez, Ruderalis cross. The automatic version of Skittlez, a cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, has all the attributes of the original strain. Thanks to those two classic cannabis strains, we have one of the fruitiest cannabis hybrids on the market. The TB Seeds breeder team loves fruity cannabis strains and was never going to pass up the opportunity to work with one of the fruitiest strains of the last decade and showcase their passion for auto flowers at the same time.


You could say that TB Skittlez is the perfect hybrid strain. Despite being indica dominant, its effects are evenly balanced between indica and sativa. This high THC strain is truly a hybrid allowing for a more mellow, less intense experience. A good all-rounder of a cannabis strain, not making you feel one way or the other and allowing you to complete your daily tasks or for meeting up with friends.

Taste and Aroma

When growing Skittlez, you might wonder where it gets its name because it omits sweet cocoa aromas, and it’s not until it is dried and cured that it releases the sweet berry/candy-like smells for which this auto is famous. Once dried, you can expect your flowers to taste just like the original feminised version of this plant. And grown in the right conditions, this plant will deliver an unforgettable explosive of sweetness that takes you back to your childhood.

TB Skittlez Auto
27per 3 seeds
There is a tasty pot of gold at the end of this rainbow
  • Auto Flower
  • Height 90cm - 100cm
  • Indica Dominant
  • Yield 400gr - 450gr
  • Earthy
  • Taste
  • Sweet
  • Cocao
  • Candy
  • Effect
  • Mellow
  • Social
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

TB Skittlez Auto: Appearance 

Expect multiple tall cone-shaped colas, but one central one will grow taller and chunkier than the others. The plants will display shades of green but predominantly light, with dark orange hairs decorating this plant from head to toe. The darkness of the green leaves will make the greens and bright oranges even more striking. 


TB Auto Skittlez is a high-performing auto flower with up to 450 grams of yield. It is one of the top-performing autos and will be ready for harvest 9-10 weeks from germination and will contain an average of 23% THC. It is also a small plant that will flower quickly, even for an autoflower. This indica auto will be ready between 55 – 63 days from germination and grow no more than 1m. 


You don’t need to do a lot when growing autos because once your seed has germinated, sow it in the plant pot you want to use for the growth, and the plant does most of the work.

Anyone can grow these plants with some time and patience. They are ideal for beginner growers and those short on the time needed to cultivate a feminized plant. 

We advise researching some feeding methods and finding your preferred choice. Keeping a strict feeding schedule is a must with all cultivation, but this plant, in particular, will not appreciate being under or over-fed. 

Aside from feeding, you’re unlikely to encounter any major challenges when growing this autoflower. You can spend most of the time sitting back, relaxed, and ready to watch this beauty grow. 

TB Skittlez Auto: TB Seeds

There are few cannabis strains to cause as much hype as Zkittlez in recent years, and the TB breeding team is delighted to be working with such quality genetics. In TB Auto Zkittles, we have a top-class auto-flower hybrid that is easy to grow and will produce top-notch flowers. 

It is an ideal plant for growers at any level of experience. Whether you’re a beginner grower or a green-fingered guru, this indica auto will not disappoint you. It never fails to deliver. 

The Bulldog has an affinity for auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Like auto flowers, The Bulldog Amsterdam started in harsh climates and had to fight to thrive. However, both are hospitable, friendly, adventurous, and easy to get along with. The Bulldog Seeds is proud to add TB Auto Zkittlez to our legend. It’s time to grow yours.

Grow your own legend!

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