Along with Autoflowers, CBD cannabis strains are a recent addition to the cannabis seed market. Research into the potential benefits of CBD cannabis strains has shown CBD to be effective at treating anxiety symptoms and acting as an anti-inflammatory. CBD cannabis strains are incredibly popular with medical growers and those looking for a less intense cannabis experience than that associated with THC cannabis strains. Cannabis breeders have focused on these aspects rather than features and qualities such as flowering time or yield.


Known as Cannabidiol, CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Along with THC, it is probably the best-known cannabinoid. CBD, unlike THC, doesn’t get you high and is used as medicine. CBD and THC are the most medically researched cannabinoid among over 120 other known cannabinoids. CBD, in essence, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, although it does display mild psychoactive characteristics, such as sedating effects that are known to relieve pain and relax the user. 


The known medicinal benefits of CBD strains have seen a rise in demand for high CBD strains over the last decade, and now high CBD and low THC strains are common in seed banks. 


TB Seeds


TB Seeds has spent years researching and advising our customers about the medical benefits of cannabis. We are proud and excited to use our knowledge and expertise to bring you certified authentic CBD cannabis seeds that are genuine classics. TB Seeds has selected some of the most significant cannabis strains and made them available to TB Seeds growers and collectors in CBD form. 


Check out the collection of TB Seeds CBD strains!

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