The Bulldog Originals
The Henk's Choice Seeds range will be iconic, authentic, and full of rebellion and adventure. The range tells the Bulldog story.
The Bulldog Seeds feminized
Engineered to produce only female cannabis seeds, 99.9% guaranteed to cultivate female cannabis plants on germination.
The Bulldog Seeds auto flowering seeds
Perfect for beginner growers, easier to manage, more compact, robust, more resistant and reach harvest in a much shorter period.


The perfect Mimosa comes without a hangover. Do you need a zesty pick-me-up first thing? TB Seeds has the perfect cure for any hangover or slow-moving morning. TB Mimosa is fresh from the USA and the juiciest, most floral bouquet of tropical fruits you will come across.

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Amsterdam's most famous orange... Orange 90 is a 60% sativa hybrid fit for a tropical oasis. It is named so because of its juicy nature with a nod to the iconic No.90 coffee shop and the method used to alert staff of police raids. Orange 90 is a hybrid of the past and the present with a fascinating history and a bright future
The Bulldog Seeds USA strains
TB Seeds' premium collection of USA cannabis seeds, featuring a range of now modern classic US hybrids.
The Bulldog Seeds CBD seeds
The known medicinal benefits of CBD strains have seen a rise in demand over the last decade, CBD strains are common in seed banks.
The Bulldog Seeds regular seeds
When male and female cannabis plants naturally pollinate (reproduce), cannabis plants produce Regular cannabis seeds.

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The best thing about a wedding is the cake. Just like finding the right person to marry, finding the right cannabis strain can be a life-changing moment. Finding TB Wedding Cake could be that moment for you. It is a sweet indica hybrid that will clear your mind of stress and set you up for going out. It is great for socialising and events, maybe even weddings.
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Le chien mange le cookie... The Bulldog Cookies is a well-balanced sativa hybrid with all the characteristics of a classic cookie strain and plenty of unique features that make it one of the rarest phenotypes in the TB Seeds collection.
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There is something special about The Bulldog Gelato 17. A tribute to the now famous ex-police station at 17 Leidseplein, where The Bulldog founder Henk De Vries spent more than his fair of time in the cells. The Bulldog Gelato 17 is a mostly indica hybrid that takes its name from the street number of Amsterdam's most famous ex-police station.
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You'd be barking to miss this... Joris Pound Cake is a tribute to the pooch that inspired an empire and one of the best hybrid cannabis strains out there. Joris was the dog that started it all. By now, anyone familiar with The Bulldog story will know that our founder Henk De Vries was inspired to name The Bulldog after his beloved pet dog, Joris. 
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There is something in the mist. If the gorilla is the king of the wilderness, then this robust auto hybrid is the king of the auto flowers. TB Gorilla Auto is a hardy, fast flowering auto perfect for colder, more northern regions with less sunlight. This auto is a hybrid version of the super potent world-famous GG4, and it lives up to the name of the feminized version. This one is banging its chest all the way into the TB Seeds collection and is one of our most popular auto-flowering cannabis strains.
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CANNABIS SEEDSThe Bulldog Gelato 17

The Bulldog Feminized Seeds

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Introducing The Bulldog Seeds

The Bulldog, a legend and pioneer of the cannabis industry since 1975, welcomes you to TB Seeds. TB Seeds is an extensive and exclusive collection of certified qualitative cannabis seeds to buy online or through official The Bulldog retailers. We are proud and excited to use our years of knowledge and expertise to bring you a certified and qualitative collection of authentic cannabis strains, genuine classics, the latest US strains and brand-new one-of-a-kind TB Seeds exclusives.


TB Seeds has an extensive range of cannabis seeds online including, Feminized, Auto-flowering, CBD and Regular cannabis seeds. In addition to some of the most exclusive USA cannabis seeds and The Bulldog Originals cannabis strains, a collection of exclusive one-of-kind cannabis strains created specifically for TB Seeds. 

From The Living Room of Amsterdam

The Bulldog Amsterdam is often the first stop for many travellers that arrive in Amsterdam. They make memories to last for a lifetime and dream of going back. Now you can grow your own legend from the TB Seeds collection. 

Each of The Bulldog cannabis strains available in feminized and regular cannabis seeds has featured on one of our coffeeshop menus. You can now recreate the tastes and smells of The Living Room of Amsterdam. All you need to do then is remember what music was playing the last time you visited. 

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