FEMALE CANNABIS PLANTSFeminized Cannabis Seeds

Due to being genetically engineered to produce only female cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds are 99.9% guaranteed to cultivate female cannabis plants on germination. Female cannabis plants will adhere to the 12/12 light to dark cycle and are commonly known as photoperiod cannabis plants. For this reason, feminized Cannabis seeds differ from Regular Cannabis Seeds. Additionally, they don’t produce both seed-producing male plants and females that grow THC-rich plants with complex terpene and cannabinoid profiles.


Until the early 90s’ and the discovery of a process that could control the sex of the plant, it was 50/50 whether you’d get male or female plants. The days of guessing a male from a female cannabis plant are gone. The process makes feminized cannabis seeds more efficient to grow than regular cannabis seeds- which are used for breeding –  because the grower doesn’t need to wait to find out or guess the sex of the plant and start growing the terpene-rich female plants they were hoping.

The Bulldog Seeds

TB Seeds is proud and excited to use our years of knowledge and expertise to bring you a certified collection of authentic cannabis strains, genuine classics, the latest US strains and brand-new one-of-a-kind TB Seeds exclusives.

TB Seeds ranges include certified classics like Amnesia and Kush. In addition to original US cannabis strains such as Mimosa and Wedding Cake. We are excited to bring you some of our favoured cannabis strains from our experience of almost 50 years in the cannabis industry.

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