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When life gave us lemons… TB Lemon is a hybrid version of the popular sativa original Lemon Haze. Much loved by visitors to The Bulldog, TB Lemon is also well-liked by growers making it a welcome addition to the TB Seeds catalogue.

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When life gave us lemons… TB Lemon Haze Auto

TB Lemon Haze Auto is a hybrid version of the popular sativa original Lemon Haze. Much loved by visitors to The Bulldog, TB Lemon is also well-liked by growers, making it a welcome addition to the TB Seeds catalogue.

TB Lemon Haze Auto – Heritage

TB Lemon Auto is a cross between Lemon Skunk, Silver Haze, and a hardy ruderalis. Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze have deep ancestral roots spanning several continents and are great examples of hybrid strains from the late 90s/early 2000s.

If you travelled the world to track the heritage of TB Lemon, it would take you from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, and India to Afghanistan, the US, and even the Arctic Circle. From Landraces to ruderalis, you’d see the lot.

Luckily, we have selected the perfect TB Lemon Auto cut from The Bulldog Vault, so you don’t have to travel the world.


There are no prizes for guessing what TB Lemon Auto tastes like, but maybe there should be. Besides the unmistakable citrus lemon taste that Lemon Haze Auto is famous for, it carries an earthy, woody undertone reminiscent of Skunk#1 and notes of oriental spice that wouldn’t be out of place on the dinner table in East Asia. Overall, it is a refreshing burst of nature at its best. Lemon Haze Auto will certainly not leave you bitter.

TB Lemon Haze Auto: Performance

You might expect this Auto version will not perform as well as a Feminized or a Regular cannabis seed, but that is not the case with TB Lemon Auto. It will perform just as well and pack as much power as its counterparts, the only difference being the scale.


Inexperienced users might find TB Lemon Auto initially overwhelming, so using it in small doses is advisable. TB Lemon Auto provides a powerful hybrid experience on par with any other auto. To begin with, users experience a cerebral body stone typical of indica cannabis stains that makes way for an energetic rush and more clarity brought on by the sativa element, followed by a period of calm relaxation.

TB Lemon Auto is perfect for a social situation, so don’t be surprised if this one gets you giggling so much you’re reaching for a fruity drink to cure your dry mouth.

TB Lemon Haze Auto
20per 3 seeds
Smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices
  • Auto Flower
  • Height 80cm - 100cm
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Yield 400gr - 450gr
  • Citrus
  • Lemon
  • Earthy
  • Wooden
  • Effect
  • Social
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

TB Lemon Haze Auto: Appearance

Because autoflowers naturally grow smaller and faster, TB Lemon will have a shorter life cycle than a feminized, and growth is relatively bushy for a sativa. The bushy nature of the plant is due to the thin leaves and many side branches that produce light green/white resinous flowers.

The shorter time will reduce flexibility for training but will produce premium quality flowers quickly and efficiently that are perfect for making extract. TB Lemon Auto will not grow as tall as some other Sativa Hybrids, but you can still expect it to reach a meter tall. The overall light appearance of the plant combines nicely with the citrus aromas it emits during the flowering stage.


Growing TB Lemon Auto is without hassle. It grows fast and harvests quality flowers, making it an ideal choice for newbie growers and those short on time. If you’re looking to cultivate this one outdoors and maximize harvest potential, ideally, you will plant in spring or early summer in a climate that is consistently around 25 degrees. Indoors you can grow TB Lemon Auto all year round so long as you have the space and can provide it with the light it needs to thrive.

If cultivated outdoors, TB Lemon Auto will produce up to 150 grams per plant, and indoors, up to 500 grams per m2. Whether grown indoors or out, Lemon Haze Auto will begin to flower 21 -30 days from germination and will be ready for harvest in 65 to 70 days.

TB Seeds

TB Lemon Auto has been specially selected for TB Seeds because it’s of premium quality, easy to manage, and shares lineage with one of the most famous strains.

If you want to grow a classic cannabis strain without the hassle and stress of high-maintenance plants, look no further than Lemon Haze Auto. Lemon Haze has long been a staple the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and now our genetics library, and we can’t wait to see what growers do with this classic plant. We grew are legend. It’s time to grow yours.

Grow your own legend!

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