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The perfect mimosa comes without a hangover. Do you need a zesty pick-me-up first thing? TB Seeds has the perfect cure for any hangover or slow-moving morning. TB Mimosa is fresh from the USA and the juiciest, most floral bouquet of tropical fruits you will come across.

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TB Mimosa

The perfect Mimosa comes without a hangover. Do you need a zesty pick-me-up first thing? TB Mimosa is the perfect cure for any hangover or slow-moving morning. TB Mimosa is fresh from the USA and the juiciest, most floral bouquet of tropical fruits you will come across. And one of the first USA cannabis strains in the TB Seeds collection. TB Mimosa has been one of the most popular plants of the last five years, and we have selected the perfect cut to add to our collection.

We do not doubt that you will love this as much as we do. You might have found your new favourite type of Mimosa, and it doesn’t come in a champagne flute.

TB Mimosa: Heritage

The heritage of this plant is American. Since the legalisation boom in the US, breeders have flooded the market with top-notch genetics, much to the benefit and delight of European growers and breeders. The USA’s influence can only be good, and we wanted to work with some of the best US genetics out there. Mimosa is the perfect place to start. It is still a relatively young US cannabis strain, gaining prominence as of 2017.

Our Mimosa is a cut from one of the finest phenotypes with which our breeding team worked. They couldn’t be happier with their work, a Sativa-dominant hybrid packing more punch than a heavyweight boxer. The original plant is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine, and with such fruity names, it makes sense that Mimosa is one of the fruitiest on the market.


There is more to life than looking good, but not much more. TB Mimosa is small in stature but a stunning sight. This plant will produce dense round buds of olive green, fit for any Mediterranean garden. What makes this plant stand out is the dark amber hairs and shimmering white trichomes it is covered with. Don’t be fooled by the compact nature of the flowers from this plant; it might be slight, but it is powerful. They contain an average of 23% THC and a record high of 27%, backing up the adage that looks can be deceiving.

TB Mimosa
29per 3 seeds
The perfect mimosa comes without a hangover
  • Feminized
  • Height 130cm - 150cm
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • Yield 350gr - 400gr
  • Taste
  • Fruity
  • Herbs
  • Effect
  • Uplifting
  • Creative
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

TB Mimosa: Performance

TB Mimosa performs better outdoors than in, though you will need a good long summer for it as it will only be ready by mid-October. If you grow outdoors, you will get more height from your plants and a larger yield (550g per plant) than indoors. Indoors, however, you can run it whenever you want and yield an impressive amount (350/400g per square meter) after only 9 – 10 weeks of flowering.


When you taste TB Mimosa, there is almost too much for the pallet to handle. You can set off on a journey of flowers and fruit that mixes with herbs and woody undertones. It is packed with refreshing tropical flavours that are sour yet sweet, herby but fruity, which will leave no doubt why it got its name.


At 70% sativa, this plant has a nice balance of stimulation and relaxation. It is a plant that will leave you relaxed yet motivated and give you a healthy dose of the munchies. TB Mimosa is ideal for a morning lift or the mid-afternoon boost needed to get through the day. It is perfect if you need a cannabis hybrid to help you regain focus. Users with conditions like ADHD have reported that it is good at improving concentration and improving motivation. In addition, this cannabis strain is an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite.


TB Mimosa is an easy-to-manage cannabis strain that anyone can grow. It flowers fast for a sativa in 9 -10 weeks and is quite a small plant – even when grown outside – so height restrictions shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re aiming high and want to grow flowers that contain >20% THC, you will need some growing expertise and knowledge of plant nutrients. Yet, if you follow a schedule with minimal feeding, you can still expect quality buds with mid to high levels of THC, but they will need plenty of food to reach their potential.

TB Mimosa: TB Seeds

TB Seeds is home to TB Mimosa, one of the fruitiest, most citrus-zest-filled cannabis strains on the market. In just over five years, Mimosa genetics have become some of the most sought-after in the world. TB Seeds has one of the finest Mimosa cuts and is ready to let you taste the tropical fruits of our labour.

If you want to grow a cannabis strain that is easy to maintain and produces tasty resinous flowers, then TB Mimosa could be the strain for you.

The Bulldog has an affinity with US genetics, and we can’t wait to see what growers do with the very best of what the USA can offer. The Bulldog Seed is proud to add this to our legend; it’s time to grow yours.

Grow your own legend!

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