TB Kush

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Of Kush, you can. Born from the origins of OG Kush, TB Kush is a supreme cut from one of the finest phenotypes available. TB Kush is our version of one of the best-known and most well-loved cannabis seeds on the planet.

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TB Kush

Of Kush, you can. Born from the origins of OG Kush, TB Kush is a supreme cut from one of the finest phenotypes available. TB Kush is our version of one of the best-known and most well-loved cannabis seeds on the planet.

Since its inception in the early 90s’, OG Kush has changed the cannabis landscape. It made its introduction at the time when Cheese and Amnesia were Kings. An OG Kush cut was and still is one of the most desirable things for a breeder to have in their vault.

That’s why The Bulldog has worked long and hard to nurture a plant worthy of the Kush name. TB Kush is a fine example of Kush and carries the best qualities of many of its famous predecessors and so much more.

TB Kush has become an instant favourite of The Bulldog Family, and we can’t wait to see what you at home do with it.

TB Kush: Heritage

TB Kush descends directly from OG Kush and has two dominant phenotypes. One of them is more Sativa, and the other is more Indica. Our expert breeders wanted an IBL of OG Kush but decided the two phenotypes were worthy in their own right and that they should work with them both.

OG Kush was born in Flordia in the early 90s’ when cannabis was still illegal throughout the US, quickly becoming one of the most in-demand strains in the cannabis scene.

Riding the wave of enthusiasm around OG Kush, The breeder smuggled a suitcase full of OG Kush to Amsterdam, and before long, the city had tasted OG Kush and became hooked.

Fast forward a decade or two, and OG Kush has become one of the most influential cannabis strains ever, and every breeder has a version, variation, or has used a cut to create new strains.


Kush strains are potentially challenging to grow, but under the right conditions, they should thrive, and TB Kush is no exception. TB Kush can be sensitive to light and feeding changes, but overall performs well and is perfect for those looking for a nice blend of Sativa and Indica.

OG Kush x Banana Punch
25per 3 seeds
A cannabis vineyard
  • Feminzed
  • Height 100cm - 130cm
  • 50% Indica
  • 50% Sativa
  • Yield 400gr - 450gr
  • Banana
  • Woody
  • Sour Citrus
  • Effect
  • Happy
  • Social
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

TB Kush: Effect

The power of TB Kush will gently ease your mind off any troubles and guide you to a happy place, and on your way, you might find yourself chatting and laughing with everyone you meet. You might expect the different phenotypes to provide differing effects, and they do, just not that many, and they’re always well-balanced.

The more Indica dominant of the two Kush phenotypes is more prone to giving users the typical Indica ‘couch lock’ sensation, and the Sativa dominant makes more impact on your mood. Overall, this Kush is a well-balanced cannabis hybrid and potentially could treat the symptoms of medical conditions like anxiety, depression, headaches, and low appetite.


It’s almost all in the taste when it comes to TB Kush. There will be a forest of woody pine and sour citrus, treating your taste buds to a day outside in nature. The differences in phenotypes become sharper; one is spicer than the other, and one is sourer. Both carry that distinct Kush overtone that made strains like OG Kush famous.


A cannabis vineyard. TB Kush will produce grape-like buds worthy of the world’s finest vineyards.

It will light up your growing space with a sweet pine-smelling array of short compact plants filled with crystal-coated dark to light green buds covered in thin orange hairs.


TB Kush performs well indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy your new favourite cannabis strain all year. Indoors, this hybrid cannabis seed has a flowering time of 8 – 9 weeks with medium to high yields of sweet green flowers. Outdoors, TB Kush likes the sun if it can get it and will perform best from early April to October.

One of the most common challenges you will face when growing Kush genetics is pests and diseases such as mildew. You can reduce the chances of this happening by ensuring that your grow space is clean and has good-quality airflow.

TB Kush – TB Seeds

TB Kush has been specially selected for TB Seeds because it’s of premium quality, easy to manage, and descends from one of the most famous feminized cannabis strains.

If you want to grow a cannabis strain that will help you step up your growing game and produce tasty, resinous flowers, then TB Kush could be the strain for you.

The Bulldog has always had an affinity with these genetics, and we can’t wait to see what growers do with The Bulldog Seeds’ version of this classic plant.

This is your chance to grow your legend!

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