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TB Sour Diesel regular is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. It’s packed with the pungent diesel tastes and flavors that make this sativa hybrid popular and the ideal strain for those growers looking to breed cannabis strains. There are fewer better places to start than with TB Sour Diesel.

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TB Sour Diesel

There’s nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning! TB Sour Diesel Regular is one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. It’s packed with the spicy diesel tastes and flavours that make this sativa hybrid popular. It’s the ideal strain for those growers looking to breed cannabis strains. There are fewer better places to start than with TB Sour Diesel.

TB Sour Diesel: Heritage

The strain originated in the US and is best known as Sour Diesel. But goes by other names such as Sour D and Sour Dees. Our team is big fans of diesel cannabis strains, and they wanted a Sour Diesel regular in their collection. By crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk, they got what they had been searching for—a potent sativa hybrid with all the best qualities of the finest cannabis hybrids of the 90s.


TB Sour Diesel regular is typical of many classic strains from the 90s. It has fluffy, popcorn-like flowers that develop shades of green and hints of orange. As with many sativas, this hybrid will stretch tall and leave large spaces between the internodes to allow the light to shine through. TB Diesel Regular is a pretty plant, and choosing the strain you will cross with is the most challenging choice.


If you buy Sour Diesel cannabis seeds, you’re in for a fun and energetic high that will leave you in the mood to get creative. It is the ideal strain to use if you’re catching up with friends or gearing up for a night out. Because TB Sour Diesel will help you talk the head off a pot doll. In many ways, this hybrid delivers a typical sativa high, making it an ideal strain for lovers of sativa cannabis strains. With an average testing of >20% THC. TB Sour Diesel is a strain that will make its mark on your daily routine. Medical cannabis users have noted that it is a good treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression.

Sour Diesel
25per 3 seeds
There's Nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning
  • Regular
  • Height 100cm - 130cm
  • 65% Sativa
  • 35% Indica
  • Sweet Skunk
  • Diesel
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

TB Sour Diesel: Taste and Aroma

This sativa is probably best known for its taste and aroma. When cultivating TB Sour Diesel, your grow room will stink with smells of sweet skunk cannabis and potent tangs of diesel. Many hybrids from the 90s are known for an earthy aftertaste, and TB Sour Diesel is the same. After your pallet has sampled the famous diesel taste, it has to deal with an earthy presence that lingers long after use.


TB Sour Diesel is not the most straightforward sativa hybrid to grow. As is often the case with sativa, this one needs attention to get the best out of it. We don’t want to put growers off with this one, but you should prepare if you want to pop Sour Diesel cannabis seeds. Because our TB Sour Diesel is a regular, not all the plants will be female. The male plants will develop sacks. These sacks fill with pollen, and the pollen will pollinate the females and create seeds. No problem if you’re looking to breed new strains, but if all you want is feminized plants and big juicy buds, you might be disappointed.


Before you judge the performance of this 35% indica, you must first decide what you want to gain by growing it. As mentioned, consider one of The Bulldog Seeds’ feminized hybrids if you’re looking for big, large yields. However, if your breeding is the name of the game, then this plant is perfect for you. Indoors, this 65% sativa will flower in 9-10 weeks; outdoors, it will be ready for harvest by mid-October.

TB Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds: TB Seeds

TB Seeds is the exclusive home of TB Sour Diesel regular cannabis seeds. We are ecstatic to add such a significant sativa hybrid to our collection. As a part of the Diesel family of cannabis strains, Sour Diesel is one of the most sought-after hybrids on the market.

It is the ideal strain for those looking to step into cannabis breeding and those looking for the perfect mother plant to take their cultivation to new levels.

The Bulldog is proud of this 65% sativa hybrid, and we can’t wait to see what growers do with this member of the Diesel family. The Bulldog is excited to add this to our legend. It’s time to grow yours.

Grow your own legend!

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