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There is something special about The Bulldog Gelato 17. A tribute to the now famous ex-police station at 17 Leidseplein, where The Bulldog founder Henk De Vries spent more than his fair of time in the cells. The Bulldog Gelato 17 is an indica hybrid. That takes its name from the street number of Amsterdam’s most famous ex-police station.

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The Bulldog Gelato 17

There is something special about The Bulldog Gelato 17. It’s a tribute to the now famous ex-police station at 17 Leidseplein—where The Bulldog founder Henk De Vries spent more than his fair of time. This indica hybrid takes its name from the street number of Amsterdam’s most famous ex-police station.

The ex-police station is now part of The Bulldog Empire and is one of the most visited tourist places. How it came to be is no fool’s tale, and not everyone found it funny.

April’s Fools Day

Henk got wind that the police station he had been locked up more times than he could count was up for sale. Purchasing the building and making it the jewel in The Bulldog crown wasn’t enough for Henk, who wanted to prank the local authorities.

So, on April 1st, a.k.a April’s Fools Day. Henk De Vries and The Bulldog announced that the ex-police station would become The Bulldog Palace, a bar/restaurant with a coffee shop underneath. The place once dedicated to locking people up was to become a place of freedom and joy. Nobody but those closest to Henk believed it until it happened, causing great embarrassment to the local authorities.

To this day, you can still visit the actual former police cells. The only difference is you can come and go as you please, and the staff is much kinder. The Bulldog Palace and ex-police station have played an integral part in The Bulldog’s history, so we should pay tribute by lending its street number to a rare cannabis hybrid ready to write its history.

The Bulldog Gelato 17: Heritage

The Bulldog Gelato 17, or TB 17, is a hybrid cross of The Bulldog Cookies and Gelato 33. The Bulldog Cookies is loved so much by the breeder team they have used it to create another rare gem of a cannabis strain in TB 17. Combining it with Gelato 33, a cannabis strain known for multiple phenotypes, gave the best chance of producing a custom cannabis strain. This indica hybrid carries the best traits of both parents, and the genetic lineage of this strain marks it out as a legend in the making. Any connoisseur would be happy to have this cannabis seed in their collection.

The Bulldog Gelato 17
35per 3 seeds
  • Feminized
  • Height 100cm - 110cm
  • Indica Dominant
  • Yield 500gr - 550gr
  • Sweet
  • Cream
  • Euphoric
  • Creative
  • The strain's characteristics are based on perfect growing conditions, performed by professionals. It is and remains a natural product and process.

The Bulldog Gelato 17: Appearance

Although Bulldog Gelato 17 is a slow bloomer, and the plants have little to look at for the first few weeks, they come to life later in the flowering stage. It will blossom into a true beauty, and you will start to see what T.B. 17 is all about. The colour of these plants will vary from light to dark green frosty flowers with leaves of deep purple and amber tinges.


However, you won’t be disappointed with how this indica hybrid performs on average. It will yield 500 – 600 grams per square meter in optimal conditions. It will grow between 90 – 110 cm tall, and the flowering period should last approximately nine weeks.


The effect of The Bulldog Gelato 17 is powerful though well balanced, with users reporting it is ideal for relaxation and as a sleep aid, but also that it’s suitable for daytime use.

Taste and Aroma

This indica hybrid has a typical cookie smell complimented by a gassy musk and subtle sweetness with hints of citrus that give it a Skunk aroma. The taste is sweet and creamy, giving off strong cookie dough vibes with hints of lemon.


Lastly, growing T.B. 17 is ideal for novices because it is a robust plant and will forgive some mistakes. With some knowledge, it’s easy to grow. The plant will experience vigorous lateral growth and likes to be topped or undergo some L.S.T. (low-stress training) to get the most out of it. However, it doesn’t stretch much in the flowering period and produces thick, heavy colas full of frost. Tips for growing this beauty include topping and ensuring quality ventilation where you are growing. The buds will grow so dense they need room to breathe.

The Bulldog Gelato 17: T.B. Seeds

T.B. Seeds is the home of The Bulldog Gelato —a rare strain named in tribute to a rare building and a special place. Cookies and Gelato are two of the most sought-after sets of genetics, and T.B. Seeds has one of the best cookie gelato hybrids on the market.

The Bulldog Gelato 17 is already a Bulldog legend. This is the time to grow your own legend.

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